All of our candidates are experineced in the following technolgies:


Backend: Java OOP | Clean code | TDD | Spring Framework | REST | SQL | JPA | Linux

Frontend: Javascript | REACT JS | HTTP | HTML | CSS

Balázs Gábor

Software developer

‘I’ve been interested in programing since being a little child. I decided to choose the more challenging path of programing after one and a half years of working as a building engineer.’

Studies: BSc in Mechanical Engineering, Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Language skill: English

‘I like indoor wall climbing, but I also love reading scientific articles e.g. about astronautics.’

Bárány Ferenc

Software developer

‘I practice programing even in my spare time. There are games and sim programs within my portfolio. I love my work being my hobby as well.’

Work experience: IT/Network Technical Support Specialist
Language skill: English, German

‘In my free time I do kettlebell workouts, read scientific books and play strategy games.’

Benkő Dóra

Software developer

‘Although I was taught Java, C and C++ during my university years, I mostly improved by myself doing online courses at home.’

Studies: Bsc in Business Informatics, University of Debrecen
Language skill: English

‘I’m interested in psychology, I love reading crime stories and watching movies in English. I’m also keen on playing badminton and volleyball if I have the company.’

Józsvai Dávid

Software developer

‘What I really like in programing is the procedure of breaking a problem down into little pieces and giving them to a wondrously swift machine for the final solution.’

Work experience: Field Technical Engineer
Language skill: English

‘I used to be a professional athlete. I also like Baroque music and despite lacking the space, I love collecting musical instruments.’

Magyar Attila

Software developer

‘I’ve been hooked on the world of computers since I was a child. In the past I worked with +D modelling, graphic editing and frontend and backend technologies, using different programing languages.’

Work experience: bar and restaurant manager
Language skill: English

‘When not programing, I like going to the cinema and concerts in my spare time. I also like Danish crime stories.’

Nagy József

Software developer

‘I first met programing in the geoinformatics course during beginner web-developing and database management lectures. It was enough to get hooked on it.’

Studies: BSc in Geography, ELTE
Language skill: English

‘I like playing computer games, reading and DIY during my spare time. After gaining enough experience, I’d like to develop my own android apps and games.’

Pivarcsik Péter Pál

Software developer

‘After buying my Commodore 64 I started with Basic and Turbo Pascal. Later on, I got familiar with different languages, I deepened my knowledge mainly in Flash. Sometimes I “sneaked into” C++ and algorithm university lectures.’

Work experience: Flash programer, accountant
Language skill: English

‘When not practicing coding, I like drawing and my personal hobby is to make unique wooden pictures with the technique of burning.’

Siteri László

Software developer

‘I became interested in IT during my primary school years when I learnt about a very basic programing language. I applied to an IT oriented secondary school and later on I studied it at university as well.’

Studies: BSc in Informatics Engineering, University of Debrecen
Language skill: English

‘I like playing computer games in my spare time, but I also like clearing my brain during driving. I love travelling and hiking in the summer months.’

Slemmer Ábel Sebestyén

Software developer

‘I’ve been interested in informatics since my childhood, I spent lots of time in front of my computer. I managed to find my path after finishing secondary school, but when I got familiar with programing I decided to choose this path.’

Work experience: Quality controller
Language skill: English

‘I do music editing in my free time, but I also like sailing on lake Balaton or hiking with my friends.’

Szécsi István

Software developer

‘Being a photographer I was not only interested in the aesthetics, but the technical details, image manipulating and editing with computer softwares were also intriguing for me. Only developing these can be more interesting than using them.’

Education: economist MSC
Language skills: English, Spanish

‘When not programing, I like reading historical books and often go travelling and hiking if I have the opportunity.’

Szőke Sándor

Software developer

‘I first met programing during my university years when I studied Delphi at a course. Later on, I took C++, HTML and CSS, too.”

Studies: BSc in Mechatronics Engineering, University of Óbuda
Language skill: English

‘I like switching off while playing computer games or visiting the gym. I also like practicing my cooking skills.’

Takács Bálint

Software developer

‘I’ve been interested in programing since I got my first Sinclair ZX Spectrum computer, I even wrote simple programs on our family’s first PC. I always liked that simple words can generate something much bigger.’

Studies: MSc in Pharmacology, SOTE
Language skills: English, German

‘I love sports and I’m also keen on reading sci-fi books and playing strategic games during my free time.’

Timár Ágnes

Software developer

‘I worked with planning programs on a daily basis even during my university years. I soon realised that I live in a world where the key for efficient work is being confident in the field of digital space and IT.’

Studies: MSc in Infrastructure, Budapest University of technology and Economics
Language skill: English

‘I like doing needlework, drawing and baking. I’m keen on reading books of self-consciousness and I also volunteer in an organization.’

Turóczi Boglárka

Software developer

‘I didn’t feel psychology an exact enough science for my taste. I met web-development when I started looking for a work-path more suitable to my new way of thinking.’

Studies: Psychology and Biology
Language skill: English

‘I read biographic, scientific and sci-fi books and expand my knowledge with Udemy courses.’

Udvari Donát

Software developer

‘Beside my work – where I also used SQL and Excel VBA programing – I widened my knowledge in my free time, so I got familiar with Javascript and Python. I started to write a chess program for my own entertainment during the course.’

Work experience: Risk Management and Analysis Expert
Language skill: English

‘I’ve been doing professional épée fencing for a long time. When not playing with my kids, I like reading historical and adventure books in Hungarian or English.’

Mátyási Zsófia

Software developer

‘I started getting to know programing through exercises on Later on, I took a Udemy Java mastercourse and I also attended a 12-week beginner Python course. After that I decided to accomplish PROGmasters’ course.’

Studies: MSc in Bioengineering, Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Language skills: English and German

‘I’m keen on doing sports and hiking in my free time. I also have a blog about my studies and experiences of programing.’

Varga Adorján

Software developer

‘Programing is a profession where you can create enormous things from nothing, you only need a computer.’

Studies: MSc in Electrical Engineering, Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Language skills: English, Russian

‘When not learning about programing, I like watching e-sports or visiting my relatives living in the countryside for clearing my brain every now and then.’

Vrábel Olivér

Software developer

‘Although life put me on a different field of Informatics, being an IT specialist, I’ve always been interested in the world of programing, multimedia and internet.’

Studies and work experience: system administrator, IT operation manager
Language skill: English

‘I love doing sports during my spare time – I go running or do some water sports. I also spend as much time as I can with my family.’